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A seasoned practice in insurance law, tort / liability and contract law
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The business world experience to serve its clients

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Our values

LCA Associés combines a specialized expertise with a global approach to the business world, beyond the sole science of law, to develop true engineering a global objective that is not only legal but based on five fundamental elements.

In today's society, we need to talk about risks, prevention and solutions, not insurance.

Our skills

Litigation & Pre-Litigation

LCA Associés intervenes in the management of pre-litigation and litigation recourse as well as in the monitoring of property damage / business interruption and civil liability claims that it can manage on behalf of clients (outsourced management).

Compliance & Regulation

LCA Associés works alongside with insurance professionals for their operations, their activities or supervisory authorities controls.

Audit & Risks

LCA Associés identifies companies legal and insurance risks for their commercial activities, operations or M&A transactions.

Insurance products

LCA Associés is involved in the drafting of all types of cover and the adaptation of foreign insurance policies to French law.

Personal injuries

LCA Associés offers an entire range of services in terms of bodily injuries cases (analysis, negotiation, representation) for any type of accident.

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